Waste Management

Waste Management

Diversified Communications Australia as the event organiser is committed to reduce, divert and change the way waste is managed at our shows. 

Our Commitment

Our initiative Towards Zero Landfill specifically tackles some of these issues.

We encourage exhibitors:

  • Reduce the amount of marketing collateral brought to the shows
  • Digitalize your signage and marketing collateral
  • Avoid the use of non recyclables like mdf for the construction of your stand
  • Research Stand Builders with sustainable practices
  • Seek recyclable/recycled alternatives for production of marketing collateral
  • Use the correct bins for the disposal of waste, help us maximize recycling.
  • Avoid plastic and polystyrene packaging
  • Seek alternatives for disposal of organics and food waste
  • Contact Diversified Communications and let us know if there are concerns, we might be able to point you in the right direction

Operational Stage

During the operational stages of an event (bump in, show and bump out) sets of bins will be placed at various locations, each station will be will be colour coded for appropriate collection of waste.
Please dispose of the waste accordingly.

Our shows do collection of Food surplus, Equipment not longer required and Stand Build materials, we can help you organise any of these; please contact corresponding Operations Manager for the show, and help you reduce impact on the environment.