Exhibitors wishing to utilise gas cylinders or appliances must obtain written approval from the Operations Manager and Venue not less than 28 business days from the event, and supply the relevant permit to the venue for approval. Each application will be assessed against the relevant legislation with the safety of the patrons as its prime concern. ICC Sydney reserves the right to accept or reject any application.

Gas cylinders delivered onsite may be refused if the delivery was done without prior approval or if the representative of the exhibitor in attendance is not present to accept the cylinders.

The following are general guidelines:

  • Storage cylinders shall not exceed 9Kg (maximum 8.5kg of LPG) in size.
  • Limitations may apply to maximum quantity of gas permitted per stand
  • The installation and connection of each appliance, each day is to be carried out by licensed gasfitter/certified gas technician to carry out such work
  • Unconnected gas cylinders are to be placed a minimum of 10m from a naked flame.
  • A powder fire extinguisher ABE is required in the stand and staff are to be trained in its use.
  • All gas cylinders are to be removed from the exhibition area each night and stored in gas cages supplied by the exhibitor in a venue pre-approved area.

For further information please contact the ICC Sydney Exhibitor Service or to download the Hazardous Substances and LGP Permit form.