Lead Tracker App

Lead Tracker App

This year we’re working with EventsAir to provide a FREE lead tracking app available for you to install on your smart phone or tablet. The EventsAir app contains a variety of useful tools, including allowing you to capture and qualify leads straight from your tablet or smartphone by scanning a visitor’s badge and follow up instantly.

Simply register as an exhibitor to receive your unique pin to access the app (all registered staff members will receive a unique pin to access the app in your exhibitor registration confirmation email).

Search for “The Event App” to download via the App Store or Google Play. Enter Event Code INTSEC2021 to access the Integrate Expo portal.

You can then log in using the app and email in your confirmation email to access the lead scanner function.

Download the app instructions

Upgrade : You can upgrade the app to enable your company to include custom qualifying questions and reporting for your company in one portal. The exhibitor gets 10 company licenses (to load down on 10 devices) for $180 (excluding GST).

For further information or to upgrade visit https://regonsite.eventsair.com/scanners/app

The Event APP will be live in October