Venue Induction

Venue Induction

Any contractors or persons constructing a stand on site (including exhibitors constructing their own stands) and anyone present during move in and move out to provide services on a stand (e.g. furniture hire, floristry, signage, styling) is required to complete BOTH inductions below:

1. ICC Sydney Venue Induction

ICC induction operates through a system called Rapid Global. Your company needs to be set up within this system, for staff to be able to complete their individual inductions. If your company is not yet set up in this system, please contact

2. Diversified SENTRY Portal –

  • Please contact the Operations Manager to be set up on the SENTRY Portal and allocated as a contractor for Integrate 2021.
  • It is imperative that ALL STAFF are registered via this portal and complete the allocated inductions.
  • Details housed on this platform will speed up the onsite sign-in and accreditation process, as well as ensure your company / staff are meeting the COVID-19 contact tracing requirements of the event.
  • Once registered you will receive an email with details on how to add your staff details, and link them to the event.
  • Failure to register / induct all staff will result delays accessing the bays during move in and move out.