To assist in the smooth delivery of goods to your stand, all deliveries must be addressed as per the Delivery Label.

Neither the venue nor the Organisers will take delivery of any goods, packages or other material on behalf of exhibitors, nor will the Organisers accept responsibility for the safety or well-being of any such items delivered to the site in the absence of the exhibitor, his/her agent or contractor.  Deliveries cannot be made prior to the first date of move in.

  • We will have a scheduled move in for this show. All deliveries to the loading dock must be booked in with Agility before access will be granted.
  • Deliveries are to be made no earlier than 10:00am Sunday 18 July for Space Only Stands
  • Deliveries are to be made no earlier than 8:00am Tuesday 20 July for Shell Scheme Stands

Goods must not be sent before the scheduled times for the move in of the show. All goods must be collected by the end of the official move out time.

For detailed information booking access to the loading dock, freight forwarding and booking of forklifts, please contact Freight Forwarding and Material Handling supplier Agility or request a quote via the link below.