Space Only Stands Information

Space Only Design Requirements

All Space Only stands are required to submit a Stand Design to the Organiser at least 28 days prior to the show for approval. The organiser reserves the right to reject any design if it does not comply with OH&S guidelines or venue building regulations. Please ensure you have submitted these designs acknowledging the below requirements.

Complete the Space Only Stand Design Form in the online manual below

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  • We understand that weight loading at the venue is 2 Tonnes per square metre
  • We understand that this stand does not come with lighting, power, walls or carpet
  • Our walls are 2.5m high, approval required if higher
  • 5 metre height limit applies to ALL stand designs. No exceptions
  • The structure of our stand and contents sit within the contracted space
  • Our adjoining walls are devoid of any branding overlooking neighbouring stands
  • Our stand has adequate pits for water/waste OR we do not require pits for water/waste
  • All open sides are at least 1/3 open or have been fitted with a transparent material
  • An engineering report has been supplied for any second story stands
  • Stand design includes locations of smoke alarms & fire extinguisher for any stand with a roof
  • All material must comply with the Fire Hazard properties standards and codes and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be produced upon request
  • Any flooring, steps and ramps included in the stand design comply with National construction code (NCC) standards.
  • We are obliged to ensure all electrical items that come on site are tested and tagged, including those of our stand builder.
  • Our designs include exact dimensions, aerial & plan views including height, floor height & ramping gradient

All space only exhibitors should contact the Organisers if you have any queries.

If you require assistance with building your stand please contact one of our preferred Custom Stand Builders. The Integrate preferred custom stand builders have been included in the Contact List.

Venue Induction

It is also a requirement of the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, that all Stand Builders/Contractors employed by exhibitors and exhibitors building their own stands must complete the relevant induction course annually, prior to arriving on site for any event. The MCEC have recently made some positive improvements to our Contractor Management System (CMS) and the way in which they manage site induction registrations for contractors. You can now access the updated module here. If you or any of your contractors had already completed the CMS induction prior to today in our old system you will receive an automated invitation from LinkSafe directly to update your details in the system as unfortunately any information you may have provided the MCEC with previously was unable to migrate across to the new system. Should you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate contacting the safety team:

Sharon Friedman – 03 9235 8038

Naki Arvanitakis – 03 9235 8176

Please note: your company will need to be registered with MCEC before you can complete the module. To register a company, please supply an email address and company name to CMS administration. You can contact them on +61 3 9235 8062 or

Integrate Preferred Stand Builders

Benefits of using our recommended custom stand builders:
• They have EEAA accreditation and support the exhibition industry
• They have the ability to service our show effectively
• As a preferred supplier we can ensure that your stand is built in a timely manner
• They have appropriate levels of public liability insurance


Fire Regulations

Any materials used for construction of your stand or display must conform to the following minimum standards:
• Non-combustible and inherently non-flammable material
• Durable, flame-proof fabric
• Self-extinguishing plastic
• Plywood, hardwood or fibre-board rendered flame-resistant by a process of impregnation acceptable to the Authorities

The storage of any flammable liquids or fuel within the Exhibition is not permitted.

– Fire extinguishers and/or fire fighting equipment must at all times be visible and accessible, and must not be removed from its correct location.
– Motor vehicles or other mechanical appliances displayed within the exhibition venue must contain a full tank of fuel, their batteries must be disconnected and a drip tray placed under the sump. A spare set of keys must be handed to the organiser and they will be returned at the conclusion of the show. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to provide a fire extinguisher with any vehicle in the hall and it must be visible on the stand at all times during show open hours.
Please Note:
The installation of any fuel burning appliances must conform to the Uniform Building Regulations and the Theatre & Public Works Act 1901 (Appendix D 1987).

Should construction of stands or exhibits create a potential smoke-locked area or create an area not serviceable by the existing sprinkler systems, the management of the exhibition venue, under advice from the Insurance Council of Australia, may require the smoke detection, emergency lighting, and exit lighting systems to be extended to cover the stand or exhibit areas.

Please notify the organiser if you intend on bringing a vehicle, utilising a naked flame, doing hot work, cooking, or utilising LPG Gas for more information about requirements.


Raised flooring can help to differentiate your stand and hide cables. However it presents safety issues and you must ensure that your stand-builder complies with the Building Code of Australia.

Raised Floors under 115 mm in Height
• All raised floors with a height of less than 115 mm must have a clearly distinguishable ramped edge installed
• Flooring that is between 32mm and 115mm high requires a beveled edge which does not exceed an angle of 30 degrees or a grading of 1:4. The beveled edge is to be incorporated into the stand space and not encroach into the aisle.
• For raised floors above 32 mm and below 115 mm it is recommended that the gradient of the ramped edging is decreased to 1:8

Raised Floors over 115 mm in Height
• All flooring that exceeds 115mm in height is deemed to be a step. If the stand is to be occupied by the general public or exhibition attendees, a ramp must be provided within the allocated stand space.                                                                                                                      • Where the flooring height exceeds 190 mm, a series of steps should be constructed as per NCC requirements.
• When a step is installed, an approved stair-nosing must also be installed, as per NCC requirements for steps in public places
• Where two (2) or more steps (risers) are provided, a handrail is to be provided to at least one side of the steps, as per NCC.

Floor Load Weight Limit

When moving and positioning heavy items within the venue, it is important to consider the floor loading of the area and the path available to that area.
The Exhibition Centre halls have a floor loading capacity of 20kpa (2000kg/sqm).

Factors to be considered by any person working in any area of the venue include:
 weight of the item
 dimensions of the item
 how it will be transported within the Centre
 weight of any handling device (e.g. forklift)

If unsure about floor loading capacity for the intended use, please consult the Operations Manager before the show.

Height Restrictions

Stands must not exceed 2.5m in height without permission of the Organisers.  Where permission is given for perimeter walls above this height, then the wall must be solid and dressed on both sides to the satisfaction of adjoining exhibitors.

Please note that due to fire engineering restrictions, the maximum permissible stand height is five metres in the lower exhibition halls.

All space only exhibitors should contact the Operations Manager if you have any queries.