Catering and Kiosk Account

Catering and Kiosk Account

The MCEC has exclusive rights to sell and supply any food or drink for consumption in the venue. A full range of takeaway options will be available from the kiosks and outlets withing the exhibition halls.

If you are wanting to provide your own sampling on your stand (food or beverage) please contact the Event Coordinator for further information.

If you would like to arrange on stand catering please visit the MCEC website link below to view the catering guide, or contact the MCEC Exhibitor Services Team here.

Exhibitors can also purchase food and beverage from MCEC cafes using an Account Card. This pre-paid card is used like a debit card and is handy for hosting guests or for when you need to grab some food on the run.

Download and submit the MCEC Account Card and view the Catering Guide

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